The most popular online games ever (Part 1)


When this Fortnite game was launched for the first time, everybody thought it was going to be PUBG, that style is gone. However, behind Fortnite can be said to be an outstanding production team, they keep up-to-date, offer amazing events and quickly draw a lot of players around the world. 

It has to be said that Fortnite’s experience has something really cool: every update has fantastic changes like this Thanos glove weapon, super gorgeous skin, even mid-game music. 

That’s why Fortnite from the shadow of the PUBG has become one of the most famous games in the world


Remember this game, this is probably the most famous game anywhere in the world that has a Windows machine. That’s why it was scheduled to record more than 400 million people playing this game five years ago. Even now, if you’re going to Youtube to find it, you’ll see a lot of streamers still streaming this video. The memorial is so solid that it can be overlooked, only when it is repeated, some programming lessons will be recalled.


Basically, when it comes to multiplayer gaming, best-selling games, Minecraft only needs to appear. Simply since this is a game with a breakthrough gameplay at the time of publication, it needs a very low setup, easy to play and easy to win. It is therefore not difficult for Minecraft to inhabit the hearts of many players, as well as to become one of the monuments of the gaming world. 480 million players are a desirable number, particularly with a legend like Minecraft.

TETRIS – 500 million PLAYERS 

From 1984 to now, almost 40 years of this legend has been on the shelf, more than 500 million gamers from several generations, old and young, including children today I still see playing Nintendo. If it covers other sites, other models, I think the number is even higher. So, this is the only game for me, 500 million people are still not capable of its greatness.