Skylanders TM Heroes Ring is officially published, embarking on a thrilling adventure with powerful heroes.

The Korean mobile game developer, Com2us, has just announced the official release of the Skylanders TM Ring of Heroes (Skylanders) on the Asian market on 10 December. This product was born out of the partnership between Com2uS and Activision’s popular global brand Skylanders. 

Come to this action RPG game, players will be turned into a Portal Master, the names of those who are sucked into a multidimensional space rift and lose to the world of Skyland and engage in endless wars.

Loyal fans of the RPG genre should be no stranger to the Sklylanders gameplay. Here, players would have to quantify tactics to be able to use the abilities of each character wisely depending on the team’s total mana. 

At each stage, players can directly face each other in fierce fights through the powerful and weak features of each character’s powers, as well as the amount of mana expended in combat. 

At the same time, the Portal Masters, who are in control of the battlefield, will also be armed with superior skills and various primitives formed on the basis of the identities of these Portal Masters themselves. Bring an enticing boost for players as they make up a party to battle.

Entering the world of Skylanders, players will have the chance to meet more than 80 prominent players in the global gaming industry

Players can accumulate and upgrade the strength of these special characters and use their own squad strategies.

On the occasion of its debut on the Asian market, Com2uS will host a series of events to invite players. You will have the ability to gain game points when battling Adventure content and use them to trade a range of in-game items, or to engage in regular k-events to upgrade existing in-game currency.