Discover the top 5 Android games like GTA 5 for low-end smartphones

GTA 5 is an open world game with many thrilling missions. Here are several other games that are similar to GTA 5 that are available on Android.

1. Los Angeles Crimes

The visuals of this game may not be as impressive as the classic Rockstar, but it looks very similar to the GTA 5 game. It’ll also leave you an open universe to discover. 

There are six maps that you can play and five game modes that you can select from. This game also lets you choose between the first person and the third person viewpoint, which is another bonus.

2. Rope Hero: Vice Town

The missions in this game are filled with lots of action, much like the GTA 5. But it’s worth noting that your target is going to be entirely different from what Grand Theft Auto has to deliver. 

You’re going to jump into the shoes of a superhero, dress in blue, and stop the crime that rages in your neighborhood. 

This game also offers a lot of transport for you to get about easily

3. Grand Gangsters 3D

This game is based on Sin City, and it’s about the street crimes that take place there. Like GTA 5, Grand Gangsters will let you rob your car and take part in a police chase. 

This game has six motor vehicle burglary missions that you can take part in. Intuitive touch controls make sure you love this game to the fullest.

4. MadOut2 BigCityOnline

Like GTA 5, this game will give you an open environment to discover. The map in this game is more than 10 square kilometers long, not bad when it comes to mobile games. 

Many players still love MadOut2 for its great vehicle mechanics, so you can be assured that you’re going to have a nice time driving. You can also choose from more than 40 different vehicles.

5. California Straight 2 Compton

There are a number of types of weapons and vehicles that this game can send you to complete missions, somewhat close to what GTA 5 does. Looking closely, you will remember that this game was inspired by GTA: San Andreas. 

The California Straight 2 story is about fighting between various gangs, and you’re going to get the action you like and have a nice time exploring the map.