Top 4 Games with fantastic background music

Game is the eighth craft, and the secret to this success is undeniably the best soundtracks in the gamer’s head.


In addition to the visual design of the 1930s, the Cuphead soundtrack also has an old trend that is less comparable to the series. Vibrant, fun music is something that always goes with old-fashioned animated movies, and when it comes to Cuphead, it just couldn’t be any better.


BRUTAL, that’s certainly the term that defines the overhaul of the 2015 DOOM soundtrack. Not only did Id Software add fresh but incredibly great mechanics to the Doom rebuild update, they also introduced metal tracks that could not be balanced. Best adapted to the brutality and action of the game. No need to carry a gun or fight the demon, just pop the game on the music menu, the player will feel the heat and suspense that Doom brings.

Elder Scroll V: Skyrim 

With a series that encourages players to become the greatest fighters, the mighty wizards certainly require magnificent music to accompany them

Orchestra cheers are possibly the root of the main character’s strength in the game, fighting battles against unknown creatures such as giants, snakes, bones, and particularly dragons. So amazing, with little else to explain but Epic. Many who invest their time in the franchise, definitely not only because of the excellent gameplay and the great mods, but also because of the appeal of the epic songs of the game.


Not only can gunshots be heard in the classic wars with the mighty alien creatures, but the magnificent symphonies are also repeated throughout the cosmos. The main character of the season, the badass hero Master General, is no different from the One-man Squad, who still wears his mask, not because he needs to conceal his face or cover his head, but actually because he’s in the cap, he’s also playing awesome music to energize him against the coming enemy flock.

Top 5 cool mobile games like Minecraft for IOS

Minecraft is the best-selling cross-platform title in the history of the gaming industry. 

Minecraft is a really good pixel graphics game. The game is an open environment allowing players to discover and harvest raw materials, create houses, and live in the game world. Minecraft allows players to build and change a gameplay mechanic according to their preference.

Back in 2011, Minecraft was publicly published as a video game. Due to the positive response of the players, the game has been migrated to other platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, Android, iOS, etc. So if you’re looking for games like Minecraft to play on your Apple iPhone, you’ve come to the right spot, here are five iOS-like Minecraft titles for you.

Block Craft 3D – Building Games

Like Minecraft, this game is also an open universe with block characters. You can create a village from scratch. The game has won the hearts of smartphone gamers with its accessibility and addictiveness. This game has been ranked 4.7 stars in the Apple App Store!


You can build and join the battle, as you want, in this game! Besides reminding you of Minecraft a few times, this game also features consistent controls and simple gameplay, making it popular with smartphone gamers.

Top 5 game mobile cực hay như Minecraft dành cho hệ điều hành IOS
There are more than 300 monsters to kill and 20 smallest biomes and biomes to discover

 The Blockheads

The animations in Minecraft are very similar to this 2D side sandbox scrolling game. This title is all about adventure and survival, and is built in a way that fits very well on touch screens. You can opt to play offline in single player mode or online with your friends.

Stardew Valley

This game lets you feel the joy of an open farm. With more than 50 hours of gaming, smartphone gamers enjoy their authentic village life image. The idea that you can turn a muddy field into a lovely farm with so many choices to configure a farmer and your house would make you reminiscent of Minecraft.

Block Fortress

Block Fortress will remind you of Minecraft, and it also allows you the ability to create fortresses to defend against your enemies. So this title is testing your skills as a builder and a warrior. There’s also a multiplayer mode in this game, complete with seven different types of terrain that you can overcome.

4 AAA blockbusters will stir up the World Gaming Village in November

In November, the World Gaming Village will see the debut of four AAA blockbusters.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla 

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and is scheduled to be released by the end of 2020. The game takes place in the United Kingdom in the 9th century. A Viking warrior of Norwegian descent is the main character. After landing troops on British soil, the Viking Army clashed with the local Anglo-Saxon armies.

Demon’s Souls

Players take on the part of the hero brought to Boletaria to destroy the fallen Allant King and restore peace with the Old One. The game brings five different worlds from a hub named Nexus, with difficult battle mechanics plus player death and frequent regeneration that causes fines, the game is really an attempt. This is a challenge. Multiplayer mode allows you to grab objects by fighting.


Godfall is a partnership between Gearbox Publishing and the maker of Counterplay Games

The game is designed in an action, a role-playing style, a third-party viewpoint. According to what is announced in the 2019 Game Awards trailer, Godfall will be set in the post-Apocalypse, when civilization is on the verge of death.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War 

The Latest Call to Duty: Black Ops Cold War signals a return to the Cold War scene in the 1980s, followed by Black Ops 2. Still familiar Alex Mason, Frank Woods and Jason Hudson characters, but this time players will be engaging in special missions, activities of an incredibly dramatic scale, blood and fire.

In this Black Ops Cold War single-player game, players will be able to select dialog and make decisions that affect the plot. There will also be bonus side missions for Black Ops Cold War players to unlock that they can play to further influence the main plot. It’s all going to lead to a major clash in the Cold War of Black Ops, so there will be a lot of endings. In addition to the player ‘s decisions, how they chose to play the game can also influence how it finishes.

Discover the top 5 Android games like GTA 5 for low-end smartphones

GTA 5 is an open world game with many thrilling missions. Here are several other games that are similar to GTA 5 that are available on Android.

1. Los Angeles Crimes

The visuals of this game may not be as impressive as the classic Rockstar, but it looks very similar to the GTA 5 game. It’ll also leave you an open universe to discover. 

There are six maps that you can play and five game modes that you can select from. This game also lets you choose between the first person and the third person viewpoint, which is another bonus.

2. Rope Hero: Vice Town

The missions in this game are filled with lots of action, much like the GTA 5. But it’s worth noting that your target is going to be entirely different from what Grand Theft Auto has to deliver. 

You’re going to jump into the shoes of a superhero, dress in blue, and stop the crime that rages in your neighborhood. 

This game also offers a lot of transport for you to get about easily

3. Grand Gangsters 3D

This game is based on Sin City, and it’s about the street crimes that take place there. Like GTA 5, Grand Gangsters will let you rob your car and take part in a police chase. 

This game has six motor vehicle burglary missions that you can take part in. Intuitive touch controls make sure you love this game to the fullest.

4. MadOut2 BigCityOnline

Like GTA 5, this game will give you an open environment to discover. The map in this game is more than 10 square kilometers long, not bad when it comes to mobile games. 

Many players still love MadOut2 for its great vehicle mechanics, so you can be assured that you’re going to have a nice time driving. You can also choose from more than 40 different vehicles.

5. California Straight 2 Compton

There are a number of types of weapons and vehicles that this game can send you to complete missions, somewhat close to what GTA 5 does. Looking closely, you will remember that this game was inspired by GTA: San Andreas. 

The California Straight 2 story is about fighting between various gangs, and you’re going to get the action you like and have a nice time exploring the map.

Instructions for installing sports betting application on mobile phones

With the explosive development of information technology, the installation of betting applications on mobile phones is becoming a great demand for any gambler. If you are still wondering because you do not know how to install it, do not miss our article below.

Guides to install the betting application on a mobile phone

Instead of having to spend time searching for actual casinos, now with just one mobile phone, you can bet any time you want. With hundreds of dramatic games, to attractive betting odds. To do this you must perform the following steps:

Step 1: You need to disable the security features of your phone, then go to Play Store and experience it on your device quickly and simply.

Step 2: Install the betting app on your phone.

After completing the download, you go to the installation directory, choose security, and then select Unknown Sources.

Step 3: Open the app and click on the allow box as shown on the screen. If you want to update the new version then choose to install.

Registering a gambling account on your mobile phone

After you have finished installing the application on your phone, the next job is to register for membership in the dealer. You need to look into the registration box if you are not a member, but if you have registered before on your computer, you just need to log in.

After you have finished installing the app on your phone, register for membership

It is important to take part in online betting that you need to find yourself a reputable dealer for safety in online betting.

The web interface is also designed simply, making it easy to find the game you love. With the development of online betting, you will get many more advantages, surely you will have an extremely enjoyable experience.


Above are the steps to install a betting app on the phone, simple and fastest that we want to share with you. If you have not installed it, apply it always to play most conveniently. Good luck to you!

Top game uses ultra-beautiful graphics specifically for mobile

With the introduction of top-quality, surreal graphics, the growth of the mobile gaming industry is steadily getting greater.

Dragon Raja

In Dragon Raja, players can freely set up their own avatar at will. The game has a very fun role-playing game and is full of the most optimal features such as PvE, PvP, Manor Construction, Bang Hoi Association, Matchmaking …

Holo Vista

Developed by Aconite, the HoloVista experience brings a stunning and magical world to life. The player will play the part of Carmen-a young female architect who has entered a mysterious organization. In the near future of social networking, players will have the challenge of capturing photographs of a huge architectural building in order to advertise the picture.

But please be careful; the mansion holds a mysterious spirituality capable of knowing you and knowing you far more than yourself. 

So, be well prepared for HoloVista ‘s world journey and explore strange mysteries

The Witcher Monster Slayer 

The plot in The Witcher’s new iteration will continue in the modern age. If Geralt of Rivia has been absent for more than a hundred years, players would have to take the role, become a demon-killer, and defend the world from terrifying monsters.

With exquisitely stunning 3D graphics and realistic details, The Witcher Monster Slayer is sure to offer a mythological scene that appears before the player ‘s eyes. In addition , the game also has several other features, such as player avatar collection, upgrading of weapons, support for pharmacy equipment, … And make the game more lively.

Little Orpheus

Players will take part in an excursion through the hero Ivan ‘s tale. It’s going to be a quest to explore the ancient worlds deep underneath the Earth, through the colonies on the seabed, to reach the pristine forests of prehistoric times and other species beyond our imagination.

The 3D graphics of Little Orpheus have created an outstanding visual impact with bright colors and a very imaginative style. The 8D sound system of the game used in tandem with a very rhythmic narration dialog has created a feeling like a hit movie outside the theatre that everybody enjoys.

The ultimate Android game to enjoy without an Internet connection

If you want to play games on your phone offline, try our list of hardcore games for Android.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells’ incredible combat will leave you infatuated with playing, dying and coming back better and eventually eliminating all that this visually stunning game has to bring.

If you’re looking for another classic action game, check out the great “Ailment” and if you want an interactive action that doesn’t include shooting in the face of something, pick the fantastic “Super Monkey Ball” Sega.

Modern Combat 4

Overall, it provides a rich COD-like game that can be skilfully played with your thumb. Although it takes a few minutes to adapt to itself, Modern Combat 4 provides one of the most simple finger control schemes.

While a little faulty and not yet genius, I still suggest engaging in Dead Impact 2. And if you’re able to install your phone to the joystick, try the all-powerful “DOOM I” and “DOOM II” for some fantastic features.

GRID Autosport

Codemasters’ GRID Autosport offers a quality racing dashboard for your mobile computer. Originally launched for three main platforms in 2014, Grid is a real racing simulator.

Offering a range of game modes, more than 100 vehicles and tracks for you to pick from, you won’t get bored anymore

XCOM Enemy Within

You will play as the leader of the XCOM, a force that recruits from the far reaches of the world to defend Earth from an ongoing alien invasion. Managing XCOM powers, performing research and development, skillfully building new tools and maintaining Member States calm and satisfied are the central elements of the strategy layer. 

Moreover, XCOM’s customizable and randomized missions make it one of the most excellent games you’ll find hard to find in mobile gaming.

If you want to know more about this kind of game, you will need to find out great titles like “Final Fantasy Tactics: Battle of the Lions” and “Door Kickers.”

Top Game Online Shooter on Smartphone in 2020

Call of Duty

It is one of the most popular games of the year 2020 which was already mentioned in the last post. The biggest FPS game in the world has officially landed and immediately attracted a large number of players. With the theme of storm and pace shooting, Call of Duty: Mobile games automatically draw players to mad rounds.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile-The boss of the mobile village of Battle Royale is still growing with a very large community. While there is some competition from many other titles, the essence of the genre of survival shooting in PUBG Mobile is still unmistakable.

Critical Ops

Indeed, it’s not too much to say that Vital Ops is a real Mobile Counter-Strike. Here players can join the two familiar Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, step foot in game modes like Team Deathmatch or typical “bombing” The sense of the Vital Ops gun also gives the requisite certainty, with the usual repulsion in each type, such as weapon, SMG, assault rifle or sniper rifle.

Warface Mobile

Like Call of Duty Mobile, Warface Mobile, or more specifically Warface: Global Operations, is a representative of a PC on mobile networks. While not as noisy as many other rivals, Warface Mobile has developed its own character with the Gaming structure no less than the PC version, guaranteeing a better experience for long-standing fans of this franchise.

Free Fire

Although not well known on the western market, Free Fire has a large player base in Southeast Asia. Vietnam is also no exception when Free Fire players always create a counterbalance to the community of other Battle Royale titles. 

With its own content and sponsorship from Garena, Free Fire is still one of Asia’s top names

Battle Prime

Billed as Console quality, Combat Prime is able to produce extremely bright, sharp pictures. From the lighting effect that is mirrored on the setting to the detail of the weapon or character model, both are explained in great detail to ensure gamers have to stand still at first sight.

Do you know: The most popular smartphone games of the year 2020 ? (Part 2)

If you already read the part 1 of the most popular smartphone games, this is the part 2 of this title which will give you a lot of suggestions to play in 2020 in order to relax and entertain. Here are some popular smartphone games which get a great amount of downloads each day that you must try to have the best experience after a hard-working day.


There’s no need to talk a lot about the importance of Minecraft. Although on every board, Minecraft is indeed an incredibly “terrible” “anything.” Attracting more than 112 million players a month is enough to prove how strong Minecraft is.

Minecraft ‘s imagination and creation in the direction of Minecraft helps players to create cube-shaped buildings in a 3D-generated environment. Other tasks in the game include exploring, resource acquisition, crafting and combat.

The center of the game is about putting and removing blocks

World nature consists of many 3D objects-mainly a cube-that are arranged in a grid at a certain point and separated into many materials such as soil, stone, ore, water, and tree trunks. Although players can travel around the world easily, items and artifacts can only be put in those positions. The player will gather these blocks of material and position them somewhere, allowing for the building of several different structures.

PUBG Mobile :

No other game delivers a pure Battle Royale experience like PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile retains the same survival standard as the PC version, and even though it’s been out for more than two years, it’s still the strongest survival game product worth playing on the mobile platform. This game has developed in a fantastic way since its release, such as being able to play it at 60 FPS HDR, rendering the PUBG Smartphone experience much more enticing.

Stardew Valley :

For anyone looking for a total smartphone relaxing game, Stardew Valley is certainly an option not to be skipped. A game that simulates a quiet rural existence, where gamers literally become a real farmer but equally adventurous, makes Stardew Valley the most valuable game of this type.

Do you know: The most popular smartphone games of the year 2020 ? (Part 1)

There are thousands of smartphone games around the world, but just a handful of them have captured the hearts of global fans.

9 asphalt 

If the title of the best racing game on mobile devices is to be called, it is surely difficult to disregard the Asphalt series that the most recent representation of this series is Asphalt 9. Part eleven of Asphalt saga do Gameloft ‘s creation proceeds to uphold the ideals that have established the name of this series, such as excellent graphics, a diverse racing system, highly realistic gameplay … With Asphalt 9: Legends, you can enjoy one of the best arcade driving experiences available on mobile and even “race” with other players around the world.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty ‘s android edition has had a fantastic debut and is one of the world’s best smartphone games in the genre of sniper. Call of Duty Mobile is launched free of charge, including the popular Battle Royale and Multiplayer modes of the Call of Duty series. It’s not hard for Call of Duty Mobile to become a PUBG Mobile, Free Fire rival.

 Fallout Shelter 

Fallout Shelter is a smartphone survival game exclusively developed by Shanda Games (China) based on the Bethesda Softworks blockbuster Fallout Shelter. Fallout Shelter Online will also maintain the usual features of the game series, along with other fascinating features such as Dungeon, character range (divided by rarity), PvP mode, or even combat between the guilds, too.


Florence is the first love story of a Florence character

The importance of relaxing and the breathtaking scenery that Florence provides players makes a real difference in an environment in which smartphone games are progressively sold. Florenz has strong background music. Whereas this software does not captivate all players, the Google Play average score is 4.7 out of 5.0, which tells something about Florence ‘s consistency.