Top game uses ultra-beautiful graphics specifically for mobile

With the introduction of top-quality, surreal graphics, the growth of the mobile gaming industry is steadily getting greater.

Dragon Raja

In Dragon Raja, players can freely set up their own avatar at will. The game has a very fun role-playing game and is full of the most optimal features such as PvE, PvP, Manor Construction, Bang Hoi Association, Matchmaking …

Holo Vista

Developed by Aconite, the HoloVista experience brings a stunning and magical world to life. The player will play the part of Carmen-a young female architect who has entered a mysterious organization. In the near future of social networking, players will have the challenge of capturing photographs of a huge architectural building in order to advertise the picture.

But please be careful; the mansion holds a mysterious spirituality capable of knowing you and knowing you far more than yourself. 

So, be well prepared for HoloVista ‘s world journey and explore strange mysteries

The Witcher Monster Slayer 

The plot in The Witcher’s new iteration will continue in the modern age. If Geralt of Rivia has been absent for more than a hundred years, players would have to take the role, become a demon-killer, and defend the world from terrifying monsters.

With exquisitely stunning 3D graphics and realistic details, The Witcher Monster Slayer is sure to offer a mythological scene that appears before the player ‘s eyes. In addition , the game also has several other features, such as player avatar collection, upgrading of weapons, support for pharmacy equipment, … And make the game more lively.

Little Orpheus

Players will take part in an excursion through the hero Ivan ‘s tale. It’s going to be a quest to explore the ancient worlds deep underneath the Earth, through the colonies on the seabed, to reach the pristine forests of prehistoric times and other species beyond our imagination.

The 3D graphics of Little Orpheus have created an outstanding visual impact with bright colors and a very imaginative style. The 8D sound system of the game used in tandem with a very rhythmic narration dialog has created a feeling like a hit movie outside the theatre that everybody enjoys.