Top 4 Games with fantastic background music

Game is the eighth craft, and the secret to this success is undeniably the best soundtracks in the gamer’s head.


In addition to the visual design of the 1930s, the Cuphead soundtrack also has an old trend that is less comparable to the series. Vibrant, fun music is something that always goes with old-fashioned animated movies, and when it comes to Cuphead, it just couldn’t be any better.


BRUTAL, that’s certainly the term that defines the overhaul of the 2015 DOOM soundtrack. Not only did Id Software add fresh but incredibly great mechanics to the Doom rebuild update, they also introduced metal tracks that could not be balanced. Best adapted to the brutality and action of the game. No need to carry a gun or fight the demon, just pop the game on the music menu, the player will feel the heat and suspense that Doom brings.

Elder Scroll V: Skyrim 

With a series that encourages players to become the greatest fighters, the mighty wizards certainly require magnificent music to accompany them

Orchestra cheers are possibly the root of the main character’s strength in the game, fighting battles against unknown creatures such as giants, snakes, bones, and particularly dragons. So amazing, with little else to explain but Epic. Many who invest their time in the franchise, definitely not only because of the excellent gameplay and the great mods, but also because of the appeal of the epic songs of the game.


Not only can gunshots be heard in the classic wars with the mighty alien creatures, but the magnificent symphonies are also repeated throughout the cosmos. The main character of the season, the badass hero Master General, is no different from the One-man Squad, who still wears his mask, not because he needs to conceal his face or cover his head, but actually because he’s in the cap, he’s also playing awesome music to energize him against the coming enemy flock.