The ultimate Android game to enjoy without an Internet connection

If you want to play games on your phone offline, try our list of hardcore games for Android.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells’ incredible combat will leave you infatuated with playing, dying and coming back better and eventually eliminating all that this visually stunning game has to bring.

If you’re looking for another classic action game, check out the great “Ailment” and if you want an interactive action that doesn’t include shooting in the face of something, pick the fantastic “Super Monkey Ball” Sega.

Modern Combat 4

Overall, it provides a rich COD-like game that can be skilfully played with your thumb. Although it takes a few minutes to adapt to itself, Modern Combat 4 provides one of the most simple finger control schemes.

While a little faulty and not yet genius, I still suggest engaging in Dead Impact 2. And if you’re able to install your phone to the joystick, try the all-powerful “DOOM I” and “DOOM II” for some fantastic features.

GRID Autosport

Codemasters’ GRID Autosport offers a quality racing dashboard for your mobile computer. Originally launched for three main platforms in 2014, Grid is a real racing simulator.

Offering a range of game modes, more than 100 vehicles and tracks for you to pick from, you won’t get bored anymore

XCOM Enemy Within

You will play as the leader of the XCOM, a force that recruits from the far reaches of the world to defend Earth from an ongoing alien invasion. Managing XCOM powers, performing research and development, skillfully building new tools and maintaining Member States calm and satisfied are the central elements of the strategy layer. 

Moreover, XCOM’s customizable and randomized missions make it one of the most excellent games you’ll find hard to find in mobile gaming.

If you want to know more about this kind of game, you will need to find out great titles like “Final Fantasy Tactics: Battle of the Lions” and “Door Kickers.”