Do you know: The most popular smartphone games of the year 2020 ? (Part 2)

If you already read the part 1 of the most popular smartphone games, this is the part 2 of this title which will give you a lot of suggestions to play in 2020 in order to relax and entertain. Here are some popular smartphone games which get a great amount of downloads each day that you must try to have the best experience after a hard-working day.


There’s no need to talk a lot about the importance of Minecraft. Although on every board, Minecraft is indeed an incredibly “terrible” “anything.” Attracting more than 112 million players a month is enough to prove how strong Minecraft is.

Minecraft ‘s imagination and creation in the direction of Minecraft helps players to create cube-shaped buildings in a 3D-generated environment. Other tasks in the game include exploring, resource acquisition, crafting and combat.

The center of the game is about putting and removing blocks

World nature consists of many 3D objects-mainly a cube-that are arranged in a grid at a certain point and separated into many materials such as soil, stone, ore, water, and tree trunks. Although players can travel around the world easily, items and artifacts can only be put in those positions. The player will gather these blocks of material and position them somewhere, allowing for the building of several different structures.

PUBG Mobile :

No other game delivers a pure Battle Royale experience like PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile retains the same survival standard as the PC version, and even though it’s been out for more than two years, it’s still the strongest survival game product worth playing on the mobile platform. This game has developed in a fantastic way since its release, such as being able to play it at 60 FPS HDR, rendering the PUBG Smartphone experience much more enticing.

Stardew Valley :

For anyone looking for a total smartphone relaxing game, Stardew Valley is certainly an option not to be skipped. A game that simulates a quiet rural existence, where gamers literally become a real farmer but equally adventurous, makes Stardew Valley the most valuable game of this type.