Do you know: The most popular smartphone games of the year 2020 ? (Part 1)

There are thousands of smartphone games around the world, but just a handful of them have captured the hearts of global fans.

9 asphalt 

If the title of the best racing game on mobile devices is to be called, it is surely difficult to disregard the Asphalt series that the most recent representation of this series is Asphalt 9. Part eleven of Asphalt saga do Gameloft ‘s creation proceeds to uphold the ideals that have established the name of this series, such as excellent graphics, a diverse racing system, highly realistic gameplay … With Asphalt 9: Legends, you can enjoy one of the best arcade driving experiences available on mobile and even “race” with other players around the world.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty ‘s android edition has had a fantastic debut and is one of the world’s best smartphone games in the genre of sniper. Call of Duty Mobile is launched free of charge, including the popular Battle Royale and Multiplayer modes of the Call of Duty series. It’s not hard for Call of Duty Mobile to become a PUBG Mobile, Free Fire rival.

 Fallout Shelter 

Fallout Shelter is a smartphone survival game exclusively developed by Shanda Games (China) based on the Bethesda Softworks blockbuster Fallout Shelter. Fallout Shelter Online will also maintain the usual features of the game series, along with other fascinating features such as Dungeon, character range (divided by rarity), PvP mode, or even combat between the guilds, too.


Florence is the first love story of a Florence character

The importance of relaxing and the breathtaking scenery that Florence provides players makes a real difference in an environment in which smartphone games are progressively sold. Florenz has strong background music. Whereas this software does not captivate all players, the Google Play average score is 4.7 out of 5.0, which tells something about Florence ‘s consistency.