Do you know: 11 attractive cooking games for girls (Part 2)

Bakery Story 2

For those who enjoy pastries, Bakery Story 2 is going to be the perfect experience for you! You ‘re going to become the owner of a popular bakery in the game. Your mission will be to make the most beautiful desserts to bring to your clients. The framework is currently running on both Android and iOS operating systems.

Toca Kitchen 2

You ‘re going to become the boss of the biggest sushi restaurant ever. With a special recipe, you’ll be the one to prepare directly and offer the best food to your clients. The framework is currently running on both Android and iOS operating systems.

Restaurant with giant panda

Our little panda friend will prepare dishes that satisfy the needs of our customers. There are four locations you can pick from: noodle restaurant, dumpling stand, fruit candy store, Yuan Xiao home. Become a professional chef with the Kiki panda!

Game Cooking Madness

Cooking Crazy will help you become a professional chef with lots of creative recipes and innovation. Second, you ‘re going to upgrade your kitchen to a new and fully equipped kitchen. Make sure that your diners still appreciate the most tasty and enticing food.

Game Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay

Except those who want to cook, no one knows the name Gordon Ramsay-a genuinely talented chef in the world’s culinary village. You ‘re going to become a chef in the restaurant that Gordon runs, and then you’re going to make the dishes according to the menu that he has skillfully and skillfully.

Do your utmost to always earn the praises of this fastidious cook!

Game My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

Trying to rapidly log customer orders so that you can produce the right desserts and drinks is your role in this game. In addition, you can also unleash your imagination by decorating the cafe according to your tastes, recruiting and educating employees, selecting the coffee menu items and setting the price for those tasty coffee cups.

Game Hello Kitty Lunchbox

Cooking lunch is the best way to receive enticing presents from the super cool Kitty. With Hello Kitty Lunchbox, you can build and customize 4 special lunch recipes, complete the tasks of making the most attractive Hello Kitty lunch and use Hello Kitty equipment and decorations to make your dinner. The software is currently free to download and run on all Android and iOS operating systems.