Do you know: 11 attractive cooking games for girls (Part 1)

In addition to action games for those that are excited about thrills, there are also games that demand the imagination of the player. And those skills will be required when you enter the cooking game.

Cooking Mama

First published on February 8, 2007, Cooking Mama will instruct you to make every dish step by step to accommodate the entire family. The cooking method is so simple with only a few buttons and intuitively stunning graphics that you can quickly find your way to daily dishes. Let’s get your cooking mom in your kitchen.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Have you ever thought of owning or owning your own pizza shop? If you’ve ever thought that, now make your fantasy come true by uploading Decent Pizza, Fantastic Pizza instantly to your phone and your machine to run your own pizza shop and complete your orders. And to enable the store to grow and extend. Upgrade the game by introducing new toppings and purchasing new baking machines to deal with Alicante, the pizza rival.

Beautiful gui of Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Cooking Dash

Speaking of cooking sports, it’s hard not to say the name of Cooking Sprint. Flo-an employee who would help restore the restaurant she served at before the chef retired. The young girl needs to start learning to cook on TV to become a professional chef. Since your gaming visitors are very impatient, and you’re not able to wait very long. Depend on the recipes and ingredients to cook the best and most tasty food possible!

Food Street

Food Street is a restaurant and simulation game which lets you create your own restaurant, design and decorate it.Start buying your ingredients, preparing food and performing the original recipes in a beautiful 3D city full of amazing characters! The game helps you to make a range of dishes and serve food to all your customers when you’re running your own kitchen.