Differences between Free Fire MAX and Free Fire?

In this post, we’ll compare Free Fire MAX and Free Fire to see the difference between the two variants of the game.

Improvements in graphics 

This is potentially the biggest reason people are going to play MAX over the original

Although you can only go to Ultra in the original game, Max has an even higher configuration called Super Ultra, with even better items, special effects, and character textures.

Size of the game 

Obviously, both of these graphic upgrades require additional physical space. Free Fire MAX would be 3 times greater than the usual 1.5-2 GB version. If you don’t have enough room, it’s best to uninstall any now-you’ll need some more space for the game to run smoother.

Draw distance

Draw distance is a very critical aspect of a game like Free Fire-a lot of battles are going on over longer ranges. However it absorbs a lot of the output of the system. In Max, the game will reveal an even greater field. This will be helpful to MAX players in the battle against casual players, as they will be able to see more. 

Increased power 

You would need a computer with at least 4GB of RAM or more to run the MAX in the recommended settings. The standard version is very light, only 2GB is needed for recommendation and a minimum of 1GB is required. 

If your computer is 2GB, you can always try Free Fire MAX, but all your settings will have to be set to “Low”

Latest Functions 

Based on more detail, the MAX would have built-in streaming and a couple more quality-of-life features.

The release date of Free Fire MAX 

The game will be released in just four days, on December 7, 2020. This detail is taken from the Production Team of the Game. The game is a different Free Fire app-you can run both on your computer without any issues.