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Computer Solutions

Computers are now the heart and soul of all companies large and small, and a fully functioning computer system and network  is becoming ever more vital for your company's success. We provide quick, efficient and above all competent support and service for pc terminals and networks alike.

Memphis Software is a full service provider which specializes in all things computer. We do repairs, upgrades, virus malware, & spy ware removal, system restores, maintenance, cabling, networking, (wired and wireless) and computer sales for both homes and businesses. IS YOUR COMPUTER SLOW?


  • Our local stop charge starts at only $39.00 to come to you and diagnose your computer problem.

  • Repairs may add to this figure depending on the prescribed fix for your problem.

  • Virus removal and installing of Virus, Spyware, and Malware protection starting at $79.00.

  • Computer reload to factory specifications that's complete operating system reinstall (XP, Vista or Windows 7) with drivers and programming only $149.00.

  • Data recovery starts at $79.00.

  • Passwords broken for $89.00

  • computer networking services or repairs start at $99.00 an hour one hour minimum.

  • Computer network connection drops are $95.00 per drop or $95.00 per hour if you have more than 15.

  • We have laptop batteries, power cords, memory upgrades, and replacement screens.

  • We are a complete computer service center.

  • Service stops outside of Metro Memphis will have an additional mileage charge, please call for pricing.

  • Memphis Software can find, design, or custom build anything you need in a computer system.

Memphis Software Development Company has new and refurbished computers both Laptops and Desktops available. We are also providing network pricing particulars to compare with our competitors; this will show you how we can help build your business infrastructure.


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We can fix your computer Remotely

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Use this link to download software to allow us to fix your computer over the Internet. Once the application is downloaded call us at 901-217-2165 so we can help you.

  TeamViewer 13 Free Download  Team Viewer ( please setup as personal use) 

 Download the ability to make FREE Internet long distance calls with video to your business partners and family. Use this link to download Skype.

Download Skype BetaSkype


Complete this on-line order form and email or fax it to our offices


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