Best melee weapons in Free Fire to win melee battles

Free Fire gives gamers a set of melee weapons to participate in melee battles. Here are the four best melee weapons to make a highlight in this game.

Free Fire offers players a selection of melee weapons to take part in melee fights. While these guns are frequently underrated, they will eventually lose their gunfight. However if you both land and don’t have a gun, you can use it to take down opponents. Here are the four best melee weapons to make the highlight of this game. 

Top 4 best melee weapons in the Free Fire 

These best melee weapons are the easiest to use and do the most damage to the opponent. Almost both of these melee guns have the same effective range of five meters around you.


This is a traditional Japanese weapon

This is the best melee weapon in Free Fire with a maximum of 66 damage. It also has a very high degree of precision and popularity. It is both long-lasting and durable.

Machete: The supreme sword has 66 damages equal to those of Katana. Few gamers often refer to it as Parang. This weapon also has a high degree of precision and speed of movement. You should hold it up and go at a regular pace as if you were running without a gun.

Pan: It’s a very common and useful melee weapon in this game. It has a lower score of damage than most melee weapons. It’s more useful, though, as the pan can be used as a shield on your back. When you’ve got a pan on your back, you’re going to block any enemy bullets. As a result a lot of gamers use it as a tool.

Bats: This is the most popular and favorite melee tool among baseball fans. It has a high injury ranking of 63, marginally lower than that of Katana and Machete. It also has a high accuracy score, allowing you to easily beat enemies with two hits. In comparison, its length is better than the previous weapons.