Announced the owner of the 2020 Korea Game Awards

Two awards were given to 2 of the most successful mobile game products in the context of the Korea Game Awards 2020. 

Previously, nominated smartphone games had been revealed to the organizers. These are all cult items that have been enjoyed by the Korean gaming community and the world over the past year. You will follow the details of the games below.

After a time of ranking and review by the Technical Commission, the jury of the Korea Game Awards 2020 declared the owner of the Best Korean Smartphone Game of the Year. This game is the NEXON V4. This game wins in three main categories: 

Excellent mobile games 

Mobile game has some of the best graphics 

Mobile games have fantastic sound effects.

V4 is a new cross-platform MMORPG developed for the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine running on both tablet and PC platforms. The game NEXON, Korea, takes players to visit the realm of Syllunas, a place of heaven ravaged by evil forces. You’re going to have to battle alliances to maintain the stability of that country. 

This mobile game is part of the huge, lively open world. The game features groups of bold Western style styles such as Enchantress, Slayer and Knight. Each type of character has properties that inflict damage and generate difficulties for the opponent. You can modify character forms with more than 50 different phrases in the collection and create new characters in the game.

In the meantime, KartRider Rush + is an outstanding title that has also received an award in the context of this year’s Korea Game Awards. 

This is a driving game that was also developed by NEXON

This game received a competition in the category of Korean Google Play:

Korea’s Best Android Games 

Games voted on by Korean and Taiwanese consumers (Top 3) 

Impressive game in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. 

The Best Competition Game in India, Hong Kong