The most popular online games ever (Part 1)


When this Fortnite game was launched for the first time, everybody thought it was going to be PUBG, that style is gone. However, behind Fortnite can be said to be an outstanding production team, they keep up-to-date, offer amazing events and quickly draw a lot of players around the world. 

It has to be said that Fortnite’s experience has something really cool: every update has fantastic changes like this Thanos glove weapon, super gorgeous skin, even mid-game music. 

That’s why Fortnite from the shadow of the PUBG has become one of the most famous games in the world


Remember this game, this is probably the most famous game anywhere in the world that has a Windows machine. That’s why it was scheduled to record more than 400 million people playing this game five years ago. Even now, if you’re going to Youtube to find it, you’ll see a lot of streamers still streaming this video. The memorial is so solid that it can be overlooked, only when it is repeated, some programming lessons will be recalled.


Basically, when it comes to multiplayer gaming, best-selling games, Minecraft only needs to appear. Simply since this is a game with a breakthrough gameplay at the time of publication, it needs a very low setup, easy to play and easy to win. It is therefore not difficult for Minecraft to inhabit the hearts of many players, as well as to become one of the monuments of the gaming world. 480 million players are a desirable number, particularly with a legend like Minecraft.

TETRIS – 500 million PLAYERS 

From 1984 to now, almost 40 years of this legend has been on the shelf, more than 500 million gamers from several generations, old and young, including children today I still see playing Nintendo. If it covers other sites, other models, I think the number is even higher. So, this is the only game for me, 500 million people are still not capable of its greatness.

Announced the owner of the 2020 Korea Game Awards

Two awards were given to 2 of the most successful mobile game products in the context of the Korea Game Awards 2020. 

Previously, nominated smartphone games had been revealed to the organizers. These are all cult items that have been enjoyed by the Korean gaming community and the world over the past year. You will follow the details of the games below.

After a time of ranking and review by the Technical Commission, the jury of the Korea Game Awards 2020 declared the owner of the Best Korean Smartphone Game of the Year. This game is the NEXON V4. This game wins in three main categories: 

Excellent mobile games 

Mobile game has some of the best graphics 

Mobile games have fantastic sound effects.

V4 is a new cross-platform MMORPG developed for the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine running on both tablet and PC platforms. The game NEXON, Korea, takes players to visit the realm of Syllunas, a place of heaven ravaged by evil forces. You’re going to have to battle alliances to maintain the stability of that country. 

This mobile game is part of the huge, lively open world. The game features groups of bold Western style styles such as Enchantress, Slayer and Knight. Each type of character has properties that inflict damage and generate difficulties for the opponent. You can modify character forms with more than 50 different phrases in the collection and create new characters in the game.

In the meantime, KartRider Rush + is an outstanding title that has also received an award in the context of this year’s Korea Game Awards. 

This is a driving game that was also developed by NEXON

This game received a competition in the category of Korean Google Play:

Korea’s Best Android Games 

Games voted on by Korean and Taiwanese consumers (Top 3) 

Impressive game in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. 

The Best Competition Game in India, Hong Kong


Skylanders TM Heroes Ring is officially published, embarking on a thrilling adventure with powerful heroes.

The Korean mobile game developer, Com2us, has just announced the official release of the Skylanders TM Ring of Heroes (Skylanders) on the Asian market on 10 December. This product was born out of the partnership between Com2uS and Activision’s popular global brand Skylanders. 

Come to this action RPG game, players will be turned into a Portal Master, the names of those who are sucked into a multidimensional space rift and lose to the world of Skyland and engage in endless wars.

Loyal fans of the RPG genre should be no stranger to the Sklylanders gameplay. Here, players would have to quantify tactics to be able to use the abilities of each character wisely depending on the team’s total mana. 

At each stage, players can directly face each other in fierce fights through the powerful and weak features of each character’s powers, as well as the amount of mana expended in combat. 

At the same time, the Portal Masters, who are in control of the battlefield, will also be armed with superior skills and various primitives formed on the basis of the identities of these Portal Masters themselves. Bring an enticing boost for players as they make up a party to battle.

Entering the world of Skylanders, players will have the chance to meet more than 80 prominent players in the global gaming industry

Players can accumulate and upgrade the strength of these special characters and use their own squad strategies.

On the occasion of its debut on the Asian market, Com2uS will host a series of events to invite players. You will have the ability to gain game points when battling Adventure content and use them to trade a range of in-game items, or to engage in regular k-events to upgrade existing in-game currency.

Best melee weapons in Free Fire to win melee battles

Free Fire gives gamers a set of melee weapons to participate in melee battles. Here are the four best melee weapons to make a highlight in this game.

Free Fire offers players a selection of melee weapons to take part in melee fights. While these guns are frequently underrated, they will eventually lose their gunfight. However if you both land and don’t have a gun, you can use it to take down opponents. Here are the four best melee weapons to make the highlight of this game. 

Top 4 best melee weapons in the Free Fire 

These best melee weapons are the easiest to use and do the most damage to the opponent. Almost both of these melee guns have the same effective range of five meters around you.


This is a traditional Japanese weapon

This is the best melee weapon in Free Fire with a maximum of 66 damage. It also has a very high degree of precision and popularity. It is both long-lasting and durable.

Machete: The supreme sword has 66 damages equal to those of Katana. Few gamers often refer to it as Parang. This weapon also has a high degree of precision and speed of movement. You should hold it up and go at a regular pace as if you were running without a gun.

Pan: It’s a very common and useful melee weapon in this game. It has a lower score of damage than most melee weapons. It’s more useful, though, as the pan can be used as a shield on your back. When you’ve got a pan on your back, you’re going to block any enemy bullets. As a result a lot of gamers use it as a tool.

Bats: This is the most popular and favorite melee tool among baseball fans. It has a high injury ranking of 63, marginally lower than that of Katana and Machete. It also has a high accuracy score, allowing you to easily beat enemies with two hits. In comparison, its length is better than the previous weapons.

Differences between Free Fire MAX and Free Fire?

In this post, we’ll compare Free Fire MAX and Free Fire to see the difference between the two variants of the game.

Improvements in graphics 

This is potentially the biggest reason people are going to play MAX over the original

Although you can only go to Ultra in the original game, Max has an even higher configuration called Super Ultra, with even better items, special effects, and character textures.

Size of the game 

Obviously, both of these graphic upgrades require additional physical space. Free Fire MAX would be 3 times greater than the usual 1.5-2 GB version. If you don’t have enough room, it’s best to uninstall any now-you’ll need some more space for the game to run smoother.

Draw distance

Draw distance is a very critical aspect of a game like Free Fire-a lot of battles are going on over longer ranges. However it absorbs a lot of the output of the system. In Max, the game will reveal an even greater field. This will be helpful to MAX players in the battle against casual players, as they will be able to see more. 

Increased power 

You would need a computer with at least 4GB of RAM or more to run the MAX in the recommended settings. The standard version is very light, only 2GB is needed for recommendation and a minimum of 1GB is required. 

If your computer is 2GB, you can always try Free Fire MAX, but all your settings will have to be set to “Low”

Latest Functions 

Based on more detail, the MAX would have built-in streaming and a couple more quality-of-life features.

The release date of Free Fire MAX 

The game will be released in just four days, on December 7, 2020. This detail is taken from the Production Team of the Game. The game is a different Free Fire app-you can run both on your computer without any issues.

Does Cyberpunk 2077 have a multiplayer mode or an online mode?

CD Projekt Red has consistently stated that the game will have a multiplayer mode in the past, but it remains unclear when it will be released.

Cyberpunk 2077 is undoubtedly the most awaited game of 2020 and fans are excited to experience the bustling streets of Night City. To be honest, customers had to be patient with the brand for as long as CD Projekt RED had agreed to postpone the game several times to make sure it was a full product on release. 

While this is disappointing, it would definitely be better than trying to play the game in its unfinished condition. For now, at least we’ve actually got time for the game to be publicly released on December 10. 

Besides the gameplay and graphical problems of the game, many are still excited about the multiplayer mode previously confirmed by the CD Projekt Red.

On December 10, Cyberpunk 2077 will be published as a game with the complete experience of a single player. This means that there will be no multiplayer mode and, unfortunately, players will have to experience Night City on their own first. 

The positive news, however, is that a multiplayer mode is running for Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt RED confirmed this on Twitter in September 2019 and also announced that free single-player DLC is also available. It will be introduced after the game is formally published. 

It can be stated that multiplayer mode is the secret to the success and appeal of the game

As we’ve seen with GTA Online, an interesting online mode will create a loyal fan base and keep the game running for years after it’s launched.

Currently, the CD Projekt RED has only verified that more players are emerging. As a consequence, we actually do not know the release date for Cyberpunk’s online mode. 

For now the forecast is mid-2021 to late 2021, but as we know with CD Projekt RED, they still tend to take the time to release the final product, so it’s hard to do. Only mention anything before.

Top 4 Games with fantastic background music

Game is the eighth craft, and the secret to this success is undeniably the best soundtracks in the gamer’s head.


In addition to the visual design of the 1930s, the Cuphead soundtrack also has an old trend that is less comparable to the series. Vibrant, fun music is something that always goes with old-fashioned animated movies, and when it comes to Cuphead, it just couldn’t be any better.


BRUTAL, that’s certainly the term that defines the overhaul of the 2015 DOOM soundtrack. Not only did Id Software add fresh but incredibly great mechanics to the Doom rebuild update, they also introduced metal tracks that could not be balanced. Best adapted to the brutality and action of the game. No need to carry a gun or fight the demon, just pop the game on the music menu, the player will feel the heat and suspense that Doom brings.

Elder Scroll V: Skyrim 

With a series that encourages players to become the greatest fighters, the mighty wizards certainly require magnificent music to accompany them

Orchestra cheers are possibly the root of the main character’s strength in the game, fighting battles against unknown creatures such as giants, snakes, bones, and particularly dragons. So amazing, with little else to explain but Epic. Many who invest their time in the franchise, definitely not only because of the excellent gameplay and the great mods, but also because of the appeal of the epic songs of the game.


Not only can gunshots be heard in the classic wars with the mighty alien creatures, but the magnificent symphonies are also repeated throughout the cosmos. The main character of the season, the badass hero Master General, is no different from the One-man Squad, who still wears his mask, not because he needs to conceal his face or cover his head, but actually because he’s in the cap, he’s also playing awesome music to energize him against the coming enemy flock.

Top 5 cool mobile games like Minecraft for IOS

Minecraft is the best-selling cross-platform title in the history of the gaming industry. 

Minecraft is a really good pixel graphics game. The game is an open environment allowing players to discover and harvest raw materials, create houses, and live in the game world. Minecraft allows players to build and change a gameplay mechanic according to their preference.

Back in 2011, Minecraft was publicly published as a video game. Due to the positive response of the players, the game has been migrated to other platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, Android, iOS, etc. So if you’re looking for games like Minecraft to play on your Apple iPhone, you’ve come to the right spot, here are five iOS-like Minecraft titles for you.

Block Craft 3D – Building Games

Like Minecraft, this game is also an open universe with block characters. You can create a village from scratch. The game has won the hearts of smartphone gamers with its accessibility and addictiveness. This game has been ranked 4.7 stars in the Apple App Store!


You can build and join the battle, as you want, in this game! Besides reminding you of Minecraft a few times, this game also features consistent controls and simple gameplay, making it popular with smartphone gamers.

Top 5 game mobile cực hay như Minecraft dành cho hệ điều hành IOS
There are more than 300 monsters to kill and 20 smallest biomes and biomes to discover

 The Blockheads

The animations in Minecraft are very similar to this 2D side sandbox scrolling game. This title is all about adventure and survival, and is built in a way that fits very well on touch screens. You can opt to play offline in single player mode or online with your friends.

Stardew Valley

This game lets you feel the joy of an open farm. With more than 50 hours of gaming, smartphone gamers enjoy their authentic village life image. The idea that you can turn a muddy field into a lovely farm with so many choices to configure a farmer and your house would make you reminiscent of Minecraft.

Block Fortress

Block Fortress will remind you of Minecraft, and it also allows you the ability to create fortresses to defend against your enemies. So this title is testing your skills as a builder and a warrior. There’s also a multiplayer mode in this game, complete with seven different types of terrain that you can overcome.

4 AAA blockbusters will stir up the World Gaming Village in November

In November, the World Gaming Village will see the debut of four AAA blockbusters.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla 

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and is scheduled to be released by the end of 2020. The game takes place in the United Kingdom in the 9th century. A Viking warrior of Norwegian descent is the main character. After landing troops on British soil, the Viking Army clashed with the local Anglo-Saxon armies.

Demon’s Souls

Players take on the part of the hero brought to Boletaria to destroy the fallen Allant King and restore peace with the Old One. The game brings five different worlds from a hub named Nexus, with difficult battle mechanics plus player death and frequent regeneration that causes fines, the game is really an attempt. This is a challenge. Multiplayer mode allows you to grab objects by fighting.


Godfall is a partnership between Gearbox Publishing and the maker of Counterplay Games

The game is designed in an action, a role-playing style, a third-party viewpoint. According to what is announced in the 2019 Game Awards trailer, Godfall will be set in the post-Apocalypse, when civilization is on the verge of death.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War 

The Latest Call to Duty: Black Ops Cold War signals a return to the Cold War scene in the 1980s, followed by Black Ops 2. Still familiar Alex Mason, Frank Woods and Jason Hudson characters, but this time players will be engaging in special missions, activities of an incredibly dramatic scale, blood and fire.

In this Black Ops Cold War single-player game, players will be able to select dialog and make decisions that affect the plot. There will also be bonus side missions for Black Ops Cold War players to unlock that they can play to further influence the main plot. It’s all going to lead to a major clash in the Cold War of Black Ops, so there will be a lot of endings. In addition to the player ‘s decisions, how they chose to play the game can also influence how it finishes.

Discover the top 5 Android games like GTA 5 for low-end smartphones

GTA 5 is an open world game with many thrilling missions. Here are several other games that are similar to GTA 5 that are available on Android.

1. Los Angeles Crimes

The visuals of this game may not be as impressive as the classic Rockstar, but it looks very similar to the GTA 5 game. It’ll also leave you an open universe to discover. 

There are six maps that you can play and five game modes that you can select from. This game also lets you choose between the first person and the third person viewpoint, which is another bonus.

2. Rope Hero: Vice Town

The missions in this game are filled with lots of action, much like the GTA 5. But it’s worth noting that your target is going to be entirely different from what Grand Theft Auto has to deliver. 

You’re going to jump into the shoes of a superhero, dress in blue, and stop the crime that rages in your neighborhood. 

This game also offers a lot of transport for you to get about easily

3. Grand Gangsters 3D

This game is based on Sin City, and it’s about the street crimes that take place there. Like GTA 5, Grand Gangsters will let you rob your car and take part in a police chase. 

This game has six motor vehicle burglary missions that you can take part in. Intuitive touch controls make sure you love this game to the fullest.

4. MadOut2 BigCityOnline

Like GTA 5, this game will give you an open environment to discover. The map in this game is more than 10 square kilometers long, not bad when it comes to mobile games. 

Many players still love MadOut2 for its great vehicle mechanics, so you can be assured that you’re going to have a nice time driving. You can also choose from more than 40 different vehicles.

5. California Straight 2 Compton

There are a number of types of weapons and vehicles that this game can send you to complete missions, somewhat close to what GTA 5 does. Looking closely, you will remember that this game was inspired by GTA: San Andreas. 

The California Straight 2 story is about fighting between various gangs, and you’re going to get the action you like and have a nice time exploring the map.